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To come… Oracles

What Changes are Required?

The setting is clearly a long way from the Ironlands. Royalty of “Amber” and “The Courts of Chaos” can walk between worlds so that some scenes might take place in a medieval world while others might be in an analog of Victorian Times where the British Empire uses Airships and is secretly ruled by humanoid lizards, while other scenes might occur in our modern-day world.

However, the infinite Shadows (what other worlds are called by those who know how to walk between them) that stretch between the Pattern and the Logrus, are a grim and dangerous place for our protagonists. There are few places where they might relax and call it home. Travel between the worlds is dangerous, especially if you are in a hurry (it is then called a HELL-RIDE after all!).

Because of the unusual setting, it’s going to need some additional sets of Oracles.

The Characters are unusual too – either of the Royal Blood of Amber with powers deriving from Pattern, or Demon-kin from the Courts of Chaos with Logrus powers and Shape-shifting. It’s going to need some Custom Assets for typical powers…

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