004 It's always darkest before

Ironsworn Spiral of Doom

Leaving all his supplies behind, Bolton gets onto his horse and rides out of the village.

[Health 0, Supply 0, Spirit 1, Momentum 1 – I’ve lost two of my four trump cards and the jade dagger. I seem to be likely to fail my Vow to reunite Padma with her mother – Ironsworn is at once BRUTAL and FUN!]

With his spirits so low, Bolton decides to do some foraging in preparation for making a camp in the forest eaves.

Resupply 4 +2 wits = 6 (7 & 3) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, take up to +2 supply, but suffer -1 momentum for each. So adds 1 Supply (now 2) but loses 1 momentum (now 0).

There are meagre pickings this close to the village, so he has to move on for a couple of hours before finding a good spot to camp. He goes far enough into the trees to be sure the superstitions villagers are unlikely to disturb him. Last thing he needs now is another mob with pitchforks chasing him away. He’s starting to know how Frankenstein’s Monster must have felt.

Make Camp 4 +2 supply = 6 (9 & 8) MISS
On a miss, you take no comfort. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 74 It is stressful. Lose 2 Spirit (now zero) and the extra Spirit loss takes me to MINUS 1 momentum
Endure Stress 2 +1 heart = 3 (10 & 6) MISS
On a miss, also suffer -1 momentum. If you are at 0 spirit, you must mark shaken or corrupted (if currently unmarked) or roll on the table. Momentum falls to MINUS TWO
STRESS TABLE (D100) = 39 You give in to a fear or compulsion, and act against your better instincts.

Anger and frustration gnaw at him. He has the Blood of Amber. These mere shadow puppets cannot treat him this way! He gives up on resting and re-mounts the banta to set off in pursuit of the two men who are attempting to carry off his Jade Dagger.

Undertake a Journey (Troublesome) 4 +1 edge = 5 (10 & 3) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, you reach a waypoint and mark progress (now 3/10), but suffer -1 supply (now 1)

Galloping the banta allows him to let his anger stew a bit. His father never seemed to care too much for shadow people. Caine would be disappointed that his son had let himself get side-tracked from his clear duty to his father by a “mere shadow”.

Undertake a Journey 1 +1 edge = 2 (8 & 6) MISS
On a miss, you are waylaid by a perilous event. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 13 You are separated from something or someone
[What’s he got left! I’ll interpret this as him turning away from his vow to return Padma to her mother]
When you renounce your quest, betray your promise, or the goal is lost to you, clear the vow and Endure Stress. You suffer -spirit equal to the rank of your quest (dangerous=2 but Spirit is already zero so this pushes him to MINUS FOUR Momentum).

He can’t do it! Won’t do it. Padma’s better off away from that damnable village! Decision reached and he feels no better.

Undertake a Journey 1 +2 wits = 3 (10 & 7) MISS
On a miss, you are waylaid by a perilous event. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 76 It is stressful
[Again! That pushes him to -6 Momentum]

He realises he is in a spiral of depression, He’ll have to try raising Benedict on the Trump and trying to get somewhere safe, despite the risk.

Trump Use 5 +0 spirit = 5 (8 & 7) MISS
On a Miss, choose oneā€¦
it works but costs 1 spirit, 1 momentum and 1 health.
or Communication fails and Pay the Price.
[Bolton can’t take the -3 momentum that would entail, so will have to Pay the Price instead]
Pay the Price (D100) = 35 The current situation worsens

The banta, pushed to the edge of exhaustion by Bolton’s crazed desire to extract petty revenge, twists its leg on a stone and cannot proceed. After a few minutes of swearing and cursing, he leads it carefully into the forest and tries to make camp. It is then that the rain begins to fall.

Make Camp 6 +1 supply = 7 (1 & 2) STRONG HIT

[At this point, Bolton is caught in an Ironsworn death spiral and the only way out is just to narrate a solution or let the story end here. I’m going to choose to continue the story but have Bolton pay for it by getting PERMANENT CORRUPTION and making him a much darker personality]

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