003 - A Bad Day in the Village

[That leaves Bolton with more information about the threat, probably enough to take this to Benedict next time. It also leaves him badly mangled – 2 Health, zero Spirit (shaken), zero momentum. Without Spirit, he may not be able to activate his Trumps and even receiving a call costs 1 spirit (he would then take another Momentum loss and go into Negative Momentum) !]

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Bolton lies panting on the ground for a long while after the Serpent stops twitching. It’s the first time he’s really faced his own mortality and it has left him shaken and drained his spirit.

He’ll have to try to camp here and relax to regain his composure. Hopefully the fact that this is the lair of a dangerous monster will prevent other predators from wandering in.

Make Camp 3 +4 supply = 7 (2 & 2) STRONG HIT!! MATCH !!
[I’ll take one extra choice from the list for the Match]
Gain one momentum (now 1) and two spirit (now 2).

It is peaceful at the Serpent’s lair, and he manages to sleep for a few hours. He has sworn to get Padma back to her mother, so decides to press on through the forest alone and then contact Benedict when he is in a safer location.

Undertake a Journey 4 +2 wits = 6 (10 & 6) MISS
On a miss, you are waylaid by a perilous event. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 60 It is harmful. -2 health, now 0!

It appears the water he found in the spring near the Serpent’s lair was poisoned and he is wracked by stomach cramps.

Endure Harm 3 +2 iron = 5 (4 & 9) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, you press on.

The pain and misery seem to increase as he pushes forward. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea… He doesn’t owe the girl anything! He could fulfil his vow later perhaps, AFTER dealing with the more important issue affecting his Amber family.

Test Your Bond 5 +1 heart = 6 (6 & 2) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, your bond is fragile and you must prove your loyalty. Envision what they ask of you (Ask the Oracle if unsure), and do it (or Swear an Iron Vow). If you decline or fail, clear the bond and Pay the Price.

The memory of Padma’s trusting face and the warmth of her hand in his come back to haunt him. She has already been through an ordeal no child should have to endure – possessed and forced to kill her own father. He swore! So he grits his teeth and urges the banta forwards.

Undertake a Journey 1 +2 wits = 3 (10 & 2) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, you reach a waypoint and mark progress (now 8/10) , but suffer -1 supply (now 3)

The shadows lengthen, should he press on or camp for the night?
[Press on would be trying Reach Your Destination with his 8 Progress]

Wanting to be on his way as quickly as possible, he spurs the banta into a quicker canter.

Reach Your Destination 8 PROGRESS vs (6 & 2) STRONG HIT
On a strong hit, the situation at your destination favors you. Chooses Take +1 momentum (now 2).

The land on the other side of the forest is very fair. Though it has been long dis-used, the road to Padma’s village is clear. It can only be a few hours further.

It would still be too dangerous to try and pull Padma back through the Trumps – his reserves of energy [momentum and spirit] are too low to cope if the power starts to slip out of control. Perhaps another night’s rest.

Make Camp 5 +3 supply = 8 (10 & 9) MISS
On a miss, you take no comfort. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 87 It wastes resources. -1 Supply, now 2.

During the night, sleeping rough at the forest’s edge, he is disturbed by a troupe of flying monkeys with strange bat-like ears. They descend silently on the camp, only the frightened whinnies of the banta alert him. They grab a few items of food and fly off to perch in the trees, chattering and calling most of the night.

The malevolent presence of the bat-monkeys is unnerving so Bolton rises early and heads along the cracked, weed-grown road, towards the village.

Oracle Settlement Name Generator – Shieldcrag
Oracle Location – Spring
Oracle Location Descriptor – Rich
Oracle Character Descriptor – Brave

A few men tending their fields, come running to the road, gripping their pitchforks with white-knuckled hands.

He must seem an odd sight to them. His clothes are unlike the local cut and his sword and saddle are of fine quality. His hair is dark and matted and there are bloodstains everywhere. Not to mention his horse has very odd markings.

He raises his hands as the monks do and tries “Haramanga?”.

Compel 4 +1 heart +1 ritual greeting = 6 (3 & 6) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, as above, but they ask something of you in return. Envision what they want (Ask the Oracle if unsure).
Unlikely to want to bind him (01-26) likely to want him to give up his weapons (27-100) (D100) = 37.

They ask him to give up his sword and the jade dagger if he wants to enter the village.

Oracle Ironlander Name – Tegan

Their leader, Tegan tells him they will give the weapons back when he leaves. Bolton is too tired to argue and asks to be shown to the mother of Padma as he has come from the Jade Temple and has some news.

Oracle Ironlander Name – Sibila

They lead him into the village, to a covered market square. A thatched roof over a set of six pillars, open-sided. There are a few benches and tables there and they let him drink from a clear spring near by. He hears Tegan tell a village child “Run and fetch Sibila, tell here there is news from the Temple”.

While they wait, more of the villagers wander in to look at the stranger and his strange beast.

As he’s clearly injured and weary, Tegan stops them asking questions, letting Bolton get his breath back, until a woman runs up, with a baby in her arms and another young boy (maybe 6?) trotting behind.

She eyes him suspiciously. “News from the Temple is it”. Seeing the state of his clothes, hurriedly asks “Has something happened to Padma, or my husband?”

Slowly, Bolton tells them the tale, assuring them that Padma is safe and will be arriving soon. She’s a brave girl, having survived possession by one of the Angry Spirits, and is currently with his uncle where she will be safe. Unfortunately, Padma’s father, the blind monk, is dead.

Compel 3 +1 heart +1 bond with Padma = 5 (7 & 2) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, as above, but they ask something of you in return. Envision what they want (Ask the Oracle if unsure).
Oracle Settlement Trouble – Conflict with a firstborn
[A tricky one to interpret! There are no “firstborn” species in this setting so I’ll interpret it as trouble for Sibila’s firstborn – Padma]

One of the village elders asks where Padma is now. Another suggests that if the Angry Spirits are free, how do they know she isn’t still possessed?

Bolton is forced to concoct a story to explain the situation and reassure the frightened villagers. His uncle is bringing Padma along the road around the Forest while he rode through and had to fight the Serpent along the way. The fact that he has the Jade dagger seems to support his story.

Compel 6 +3 shadow +1 Jade dagger +1 trickster = 11 (10 & 1) STRONG HIT
On a strong hit, they’ll do what you want or share what they know. Take +1 momentum (now 3). If you use this exchange to Gather Information, make that move now and add +1

They accept the story and agree to him staying in the village (under loose house arrest) a couple of nights, until Padma arrives and can be questioned.

In the cool and calm of his new lodgings, Bolton draws Benedict’s card again. Should he make the call or wait for Benedict to be concerned by the delay? He still feels too weak to risk using Trump Travel to bring Padma home.

Trump Use 5 +2 spirit = 7 (1 & 9) WEAK HIT
On a Weak Hit, communication begins after 1 minute of concentration, lasts up to 10 minutes and costs 1 spirit (now 1)

Benedict’s image forms. He is still at the same camp, under a green sky this time (the Courts of Chaos are famed for the Turnings of the Sky).
“Thought you’d forgotten! Perhaps time flows differently there?” It’s hard to tell if this is friendly banter or if he’s genuinely annoyed.

“I was delayed. Ran into a magical serpent that took a lot of killing. Lucky to get through it alive. I have you to thank for the sword training. I owe you”.

A flicker of a smile on the long face. “You certainly owe me a good story. By the look of you, you could do with a bit more sword practice. Do you want the girl now?”

Bolton held up a hand, the strain of holding the Trump contact open, even for conversation, was beginning to take its toll. “No Uncle. Not yet. I need some time to recover. I can tell you there is a threat to our family. They have my father prisoner and I was on my way to find him when I was ambushed. I’ll tell you everything as soon as I am strong enough.”

Rainbows close with crackling static over Benedict’s reply, but a frown and a raised eyebrow told Bolton that he would need to tell all next time.

Sojourn 2 +1 heart +1 bond with Padma = 4 (7 & 6) MISS
On a miss, you find no help here. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 88 It wastes resources.

The village folk leave him to his own devices. No doubt they are waiting for Padma to arrive and confirm his tale. He eats most of his remaining rations. (-1 Supply, now 1).

He is troubled by bad dreams, wakes sweating at the vision of the Serpent poised above him to strike. He needs decent rest to regain some of his spirit in order to be strong enough to manage the Trump Transport of the girl!

[I’ll allow myself either two Make Camps or a single 2-day Sojourn, but roll for an event 50/50 each day]

That morning, he realises he isn’t under house arrest, just being watched by a few of the men. He tries to speak with Sibila about her daughter and reassure her that Padma is no longer possessed.

Compel 4 +1 heart +1 shared bond with Padma = 6 (6 & 10) MISS
On a miss, they refuse or make a demand which costs you greatly. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 26 Something of value is lost or destroyed
[things of value are… 1-2 the Jade dagger, 3 his sword, 4 his horse, 5 his Trump cards, 6 his remaining supply]
What is lost? (D6) = 2- the Jade dagger

Sibila seems nervous around him. More nervous than he expected, but she has just been told her husband was killed. However, Bolton notices her flinch as he goes over the story and mentions the Jade dagger. When pressed, she reluctantly tells him the villagers had a meeting while he slept and agreed that two of them would take the path around the Forest to return it to the Jade Temple.

If he wasn’t already worn out, he might have leapt on his horse and chased them down to retrieve it, but in his current state, he’ll let them get away with it. He can always travel back to the Temple to get it if it seems worth having.

Event on a 1-3 (D6) = 2
Oracle Theme – Wealth
Oracle Action – Refuse
Oracle Settlement Trouble – Unjust leadership

On the way back to the guest lodgings, Bolton notices that many of the villagers avert their eyes and look “guilty”. The men following him close in behind and Tegan the head man steps up to meet him with another man. Tegan is carrying Bolton’s sword and all the others have daggers.

“While you slept we went through your things and found you have cards with images of the Serpent on them and pictures of demons. You’re in league with the Serpent and you probably released the Angry Spirits (if any of your story is true!). I think we’ll be better off with you dead!” the heavy-set man hefts the blade “Nice sword, think I’ll keep this… and that horse of yours”.

These men are farmers, not trained warriors, but even so, there are five of them and although Bolton is already injured, he is the son of a Prince of Amber. His anger, first at being robbed, now at being attacked, seems to rise up in him.

“I’ll give you one chance to walk away Tegan. More than you deserve. You’ve robbed me of the Jade dagger, searched through my stuff, now you want to steal my sword and my horse. I killed your Serpent. I killed your Angry Spirits. If you raise a hand against me, I swear I’ll kill you too!”

Compel 3 +2 iron +1 unjust leadership = 6 (2 & 6) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, succeed, but they ask something of you in return. Envision what they want (Ask the Oracle if unsure).
[I’ll choose to Draw the Circle and challenge Tegan]

A few of the men exchange looks that seem to indicate they agree with Bolton’s position, but they still seem to be wavering.

“Tell you what Tegan. Why don’t we settle this, just the two of us. You’ve got the sword.”.

Draw the Circle 6 +1 heart +1 unarmed and heavily wounded already = 8 (1 & 3) STRONG HIT
On a strong hit, take +1 momentum. Also choose three boasts and take +1 momentum for each. (now 7)
Grant first strike: Your foe has initiative.
Hold no iron: Take no benefit of weapons; your harm is 1.
To the death: One way or another, this fight must end with death.

As his cronies seem to agree and Tegan doesn’t want to lose face, he nods reluctantly.

[Tegan will be either Troublesome 1-4 or Dangerous 5-6. Threat Level (D6) = 3]

Bolton beckons the man forward and smiles grimly. “You chose this Tegan and now I’m going to end you”.

Clash 5 +2 iron = 7 (10 & 9) MISS
On a miss, you are outmatched and must Pay the Price. Your foe has initiative.
Pay the Price (D100) = 94 It forces you to act against your best intentions.

Benedict would not be pleased with this bravado, deliberately provoking an armed man. He would be even less pleased to see his ex-pupil sprawling on the floor to avoid the first thrust!

“Not so cocky now, are you?” Tegan spits between clenched teeth and raised the sword again.

TURN THE TIDE : Once per fight, when you risk it all, you may steal initiative from your foe to make a move (not a progress move). When you do, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. If you fail to score a hit on that move, you must suffer a dire outcome. Pay the Price.

Strike 6 +2 iron +1 turn the tide = 9 (10 & 10) MISS!! MATCH !!
On a miss, your attack fails and you must Pay the Price (twice because of the Turn the Tide). Your foe has initiative.
Pay the Price (D100) = 20 Your action has an unintended effect
Pay the Price (D100) = 05 A person or community you trusted loses faith in you, or acts against you

As the blade comes down, almost slicing off an ear, Bolton rolls to one side. For the second time in a couple of days he realises he is facing mortal danger. He mutters to himself “If he kills me, they’ll never see Padma again!” and then notices with alarm that Sibila was stepping forward to help him stand and overheard what he said. He can tell by her face that she has misunderstood completely as she staggers away with shock and hatred in her eyes.

Clash 5 +2 iron = 7 (2 & 8) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, inflict your harm, but then Pay the Price. Your foe has initiative. (harm only 1 as unarmed, but that becomes 3/10 against a Troublesome foe)
Pay the Price (D100) = 16 You are separated from something or someone
[Bolton has nothing significant left except the Cards!]

The little box of Trumps falls from his pocket and Tegan angrily stamps on it, cracking it open and spilling the cards. Some of the villagers gasp when they see the serpent pictures.

Tegan swings again, he has no great skill, but is a big man and strong from a lifetime of working the fields.

Clash 5 +2 iron = 7 (3 & 10) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, inflict your harm, but then Pay the Price. Your foe has initiative. now 6/10 progress.
Pay the Price (D100) = 32 Something of value is lost or destroyed
Cards 1 Benedict, 2 Corwin, 3-4 Flambeaux, 5-6 Vengra (more likely to be Serpent cards) Which Card (D6) = 5

Bolton backs away again. In frustration, Tegan stabs one of the serpent-backed cards on the floor. As he lifts the blade, Bolton sees it is Vengra’s card, ruined now. The image of her dancer’s body torn by the blade.
A tear forms and a gasp – “Vengra…”.

Grinning at this victory, Tegan charges forward.

Clash 2 +2 iron = 4 (9 & 5) MISS [I’ll burn momentum (resets to 1 as I’m still shaken) to turn this into a WEAK HIT]
On a weak hit, inflict your harm, but then Pay the Price. Your foe has initiative. now 9/10 progress.
Pay the Price (D100) = 45 A new danger or foe is revealed.

Perhaps seeing which way the fight is going, one of the village men grabs Bolton’s arm. To their credit, most of the others grunt in disapproval at this interference, but none leap to push him off.

[I’ll give Tegan back 3 of the progress ticks for this assistant 6/10]

Bolton sags, as though resigned to his death, then turns at the least second as Tegan thrusts, to try to get the crony hit instead.

Face Danger 1 +3 shadow = 4 (6 & 4) MISS
On a miss, you fail, or your progress is undermined by a dramatic and costly turn of events. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price (D100) = 00 Roll twice more on this table. Both results occur. If they are the same result, make it worse.
Pay the Price (D100) = 39 The current situation worsens
Pay the Price (D100) = 10 You are separated from something or someone
[Bloody Hell! Can’t a Lord of Amber catch a break! Ironsworn is brutal!]

A second crony moves to help (Progress back to 3/10).
Tegan takes the time to slash at the cards again. [Which Card (D6) = 3] This time it is the other Serpent-backed card – Flambeaux, that gets hacked apart.

“Was that one, that demon, your true master? If he lives in Hell, you’ll be seeing him soon.”

Bolton desperately tries to keep the two men holding his arms between him and the approaching blade, using every trick Benedict taught him.

Clash 3 +2 iron = 5 (1 & 2) STRONG HIT
On a strong hit, inflict your harm , you have the initiative and choose “You find an opening: Inflict +1 harm” now 9/10

Tegan thrusts, but this time Bolton’s last-minute twist brings one of the other men in line. With a gurgle, the man crumples. In that moment of surprise, Bolton elbows the second man in the face and he falls, clutching a bloody nose.
“Just you and me again now Tegan”.

End the Fight 9 PROGRESS vs (2 & 3) STRONG HIT
On a strong hit, this foe is no longer in the fight. They are killed, out of action, flee, or surrender as appropriate to the situation and your intent (Ask the Oracle if unsure).

Slipping under Tegan’s untrained swing, Bolton manages to get behind him, an arm round his neck and the other holding the sword arm. He is too angry to listen to the man’s plea for mercy. It seems to take a long time but the sword falls from a limp hand, the legs kick feebly and finally stop.

Bolton drops the body and stoops to retrieve the sword and his two remaining cards.
The man with the broken nose tries to crawl away but Bolton steps over to him and holds the tip of the blade at his neck.

“Nobody lays hands on me and gets away with it!” The blade goes in easily and Bolton glares at the villagers to make sure they fully understand.

He glares at the villagers.

Compel 5 +2 iron +1 extreme violence = 8 (8 & 10) MISS
On a miss, they refuse or make a demand which costs you greatly. Pay the Price.
Oracle Settlement Trouble – Attack is imminent

The villagers look nervously at each other. Oh Shit! He’s gone too far! They glare back, lifting daggers and pitchforks.

Bolton runs for his horse, the villagers clamouring after him.

Face Danger 5 +1 edge = 6 (2 & 9) WEAK HIT
On a weak hit, you succeed, but face a troublesome cost. Choose one…“You sacrifice resources: Suffer -1 supply.” (now 0).

Leaving all his supplies behind, Bolton gets onto his horse and rides out of the village.

[Health 0, Supply 0, shaken and with momentum 1, I’ve lost two of my four trumps and the jade dagger. I seem to be likely to fail my vow to reunite Padma with her mother – Ironsworn is at once BRUTAL and FUN!]

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