Welcome to AmberSworn

In these pages I plan to explore the use of Shawn Tomkin’s Ironsworn RPG in a setting based on Roger Zelazny’s AMBER.

I’ve had a habit for many years of trying to play games set in the AMBER Universe with various rule-sets… a couple of homebrews, D20 Modern & most-recently Fate Accelerated (which played VERY well).

I think the Amber Novels of Roger Zelazny lend themselves to Solo play as they focus on a single tough protagonist with unique abilities rather than a group.
I love Amber for its multi-genre setting, the mix of magic and swords and modern day.
I love Ironsworn for its gritty, narrative-driving system.

I’ve written some custom Assets and begun to play this as a SOLO Game. You can find the story in the Adventure Log.


The setting is multi-genre (mostly late medieval, but spanning worlds that incorporate high-technology and worlds stuck in the Stone or Iron Age). Some worlds will support the use of Magic, while in others Magic will be almost impossible.

If you are interested in other Ironsworn Actual Play Reports from me along with a web-based tool to help you play Ironsworn, please check out https://igm4u.com